Podcast 21: The Top 10 Deals for Pharma Innovation

In this podcast we feature the top 10 deals thus far in 2020 and which pharma/biopharma companies are rising to the top. For the text version of this article visit dcatvci.org.

Key topics: (see Chapter Markers)

1. Novartis’s $9.7-billion acquisition of The Medicines Company and Blackstone’s $2-billion investment in Alnylam  Pharmaceuticals.

2. Daiichi Sankyo’s  and AstraZeneca’s $6-billion ADC collaboration. Pairing

3. Gilead Sciences’ $4.9-billion acquisition of Forty Seven Inc.

4. Genmab’s $3.9-billion cancer antibody pact with AbbVie.

5. Sanofi’s pending $3.69-billion acquisition of Principia Biopharma.

6. Amgen’s $3.2-billion combined deals with BeiGene .

7. Astellas’s $3-billion acquisition of Audentes Therapeutics.

8. Sangamo Therapeutics’ $2.7-billion licensing pact with Biogen.

9. Merck & Co’s $2.7-billion acquisition of ArQule.

10 (Tie): Merck & Co.’s $2.5-billion research pacts with Taiho Pharmaceutical and Astex Pharmaceuticals, subsidiaries of Otsuka.

10 (Tie): Sanofi ’s $2.5-billion acquisition of Synthorx.  

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