Mayne Pharma Acquires GSK Foam Dermatology Assets

Mayne Pharma, an Australian pharmaceutical company, has acquired a portfolio of on-market dermatology foam assets from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for $50.1 million. The assets include US rights to Fabior (tazarotene) foam and Sorilux (calcipotriene) foam; Canadian rights to Luxiq (betamethasone) foam and Olux-E (clobetasol propionate); and Mexican rights to betamethasone foam. Under the agreement Mayne Pharma will acquire the approved regulatory filings, trademarks, marketing materials, select product inventory, and related medical and technical data as well as acquire or obtain licenses for related patents.

Fabior foam, 0.1%, is a patent-protected topical product indicated for the treatment of acne in the US. Sorilux foam, 0.005%, is also a patent-protected topical product indicated for mild to moderate plaque psoriasis in the US. Both Fabior and Sorilux will be marketed through Mayne Pharma's specialty brands division and existing sales team. Re-launch for both products is expected in 2017.

During the intervening period, GSK will continue to distribute Fabior and Sorilux under a transition services arrangement. The non-US dermatology assets will continue to be distributed by GSK in the short term and Mayne Pharma will seek to out-license these products to new partners.

Source: Mayne Pharma

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