PPD Adds GMP Lab in Ireland

Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC has expanded its good manufacturing practices (GMP) operations in Athlone, Ireland, by adding a new laboratory for cell-based assays. The new laboratory provides GMP bioassay testing with dedicated areas to support cell-culture activities with multiple assay endpoint expertise.

In addition to the new cell laboratory, the facility continues to provide services for product development and analytical development, including analytical testing services in method development, validation, stability, and release and quality-control testing. The facility also provides regulatory services, product licensing and marketed product support, including qualified person (QP) services for all drug dosage forms, with particular emphasis on inhalation and biopharmaceutical products.

PPD opened its Athlone laboratory in 2010 and, once the expansion is complete, will employ nearly 150 people at the facility, including PhD-level scientists, analytical laboratory staff and other clinical development professionals. In total, PPD employs more than 1,000 people in its global GMP operations. The company also operates a GMP laboratory in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Source: PPD

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