Focus of 2022 DCAT Research & Benchmarking Report is Announced 

Evaluate your company’s best practices and learn from industry peers with DCAT Research & Benchmarking reports.

Beginning this month, DCAT’s Research and Benchmarking Committee will begin distributing its 2022 survey to DCAT Member Companies. The survey and its subsequent report will focus on Supply Chain Sustainability, and aims to gather the experience and insights from bio/pharmaceutical companies and suppliers on how they are addressing sustainability.

In addition, the report will spotlight:

  • the scope of sustainability commitments being made by bio/pharma companies and their suppliers,
  • the nature of sustainability commitments bio/pharma companies are requiring of their suppliers,
  • at what stages in the sourcing and procurement process sustainability commitments and practices are being assessed, and
  • how progress toward achieving sustainability objectives is being measured.

The final report will be available to employees of DCAT Member Companies in March 2022 and highlights from the study will be presented at DCAT Week, March 21-24, 2022.

About DCAT Research & Benchmarking

DCAT Research & Benchmarking is a complimentary, value-added member benefit providing in-depth studies that examine the crucial issues impacting the Bio/Pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain and the pharma customer-supplier relationship. DCAT Research & Benchmarking reports are developed by the DCAT Research & Benchmarking Committee and are administered and prepared using an external research firm.

Previous studies are available for distribution exclusively to employees of DCAT Member Companies. To obtain a copy of these reports, please contact Miriam O’Donnell at or +1-609-208-1888 ext. 7003.

Previous studies:

  • Managing Business Continuity Risks (2020)
  • Managing Bio/Pharma Supply Chains in an Uncertain Global Trade Environment (2019)
  • Examining the Current and Future Alignment of the Pharma Customer—Supplier Relationship (2018)
  • Value-Based Metrics: Examining the Pharma Customer—Supplier Relationship (2017)
  • Value Creation in Pharmaceutical Procurement (2016)

DCAT Research & Benchmarking Committee

  • Ken Seufert, Chairperson (JRS Pharma)
  • Christine Fuerst (Vetter)
  • Dave McCarthy (Pfizer)
  • Vince Ricevuto (GlaxoSmithKline)
  • John Ross (Mayne Pharma US)
  • Aaron Small (Recipharm)
  • Jin Seok Hur (Novasep)
  • Jim Miller, Content Advisor and Consultant, DCAT