From the DCAT Alliance for Industry Women Committee: Webinar Recap: How to Apply Resilience to Your Finances

Jean Chatzky,
Founder and CEO of, FinanceFixx, and best-selling author

The DCAT Alliance for Industry Women Committee hosted a webinar earlier this month (May 2022), How to Money: Your Ultimate Guide to the Basics of Finance, featuring Jean Chatzky, the founder and CEO of, FinanceFixx, and best-selling author, to provide key tips that women should follow to best manage their finances. Chatzky was the featured speaker at  the Woman’s Networking Breakfast at DCAT Week 2022 held in March (March 2022) and was so engaging that she was invited back to continue the conversation. This time, Chatzky spoke about the concept of resilience and how the pandemic taught us all that we need it now more than ever and outlined seven ways in which women can apply resilience to their finances. The seven tips are as follows:

  1. Assess your finances frequently.
  2. Adjust your lifestyle to match your financial goals.
  3. Refinance if you can lower interest rates.
  4. Revisit your investment strategy.
  5. Automate savings and investments.
  6. Ask for help if you need it.
  7. Educate yourself on the world of finance.

The webinar culminated in Ms. Chatzky answering questions from the audience that spanned a range of topics: the value and use of high-yield savings accounts, college funds, formulas to determine retirement amounts and more. This and other past webinars hosted by this Committee can be found here.

The DCAT Alliance for Industry Women Committee is responsible for programs and special events that create opportunities to educate, inform, and inspire the women in the bio/pharmaceutical industry. The Committee’s activities include creating quarterly webinars and publications and posting topical social media conversations. The Committee also develops and hosts the Women’s Networking Breakfast during DCAT Week. The Committee’s next webinar will be announced soon. Stay tuned!