Meet the Editor at DCAT Week

Patricia Van Arnum
Editorial Director

Want to Contribute Editorially to DCAT Value Chain Insights? Meet the Editor at DCAT Week

DCAT Value Chain Insights is one of the most widely read and respected online publications for the global Bio/Pharmaceutical industry, and DCAT’s Editorial Director Patricia Van Arnum welcomes a meeting with your company at DCAT Week to discuss editorial opportunities.

DCAT Value Chain Insights provides original, in-depth analysis of the business of Bio/Pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, including issues impactful to sourcing, procurement, and supply management. It also includes an executive briefing of Top Industry News affecting drug development, manufacturing, and commercialization. DCAT Value Chain Insights’ content can be found on this dedicated website, and DCAT notifies subscribers and DCAT Member Company contacts via email every Friday with links to the latest content.

There are several ways in which companies can contribute to DCAT Value Chain Insights. We welcome objective, authoritative editorial input for feature articles as per the publication’s 2022 Editorial Calendar, as well as contributed articles from industry members. Contributed articles should provide thought leadership by offering specific market insight or case-study analysis that would be of utility in readers’ work. Articles may address leadership, organizational change, negotiation, strategy, operations, marketing, finance, managing people, or technology (i.e., manufacturing issues on an API or drug product level, formulation/drug delivery, or packaging). The article should be based on research and/or operational experience. Contributed articles are reviewed by DCAT’s Editorial Committee in a peer-review process for consideration for publication. The Committee also advises on topics for feature articles for saliency and interest to DCAT Member Companies.

Patricia Van Arnum, DCAT’s Editorial Director who develops the content for DCAT Value Chain Insights, has more than 25 years of experience covering the Bio/Pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, and chemical industries and is interested in your company’s input.

To arrange an in-person meeting at DCAT Week to discuss your company and editorial opportunities in DCAT Value Chain Insights, contact Patricia Van Arnum at