Out of Office: Industry News You May Have Missed This Summer

In case you missed it, here are some recent articles from DCAT Value Chain Insights, DCAT’s online publication covering the bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain, delivered weekly to your inbox every Friday, featuring industry analysis, executive interviews, news, and the latest from the DCAT Member Company Community.

Big Pharma’s Manufacturing Investments
What have been some key recent investments in manufacturing by the large bio/pharmaceutical companies? What areas, small-molecule APIs, biologics, or drug products, have been attracting investment dollars? DCAT Value Chain Insights rounds up key projects.

CDMO Roundtable: Managing Orphan Drug Projects
Low-volume drugs, such as orphan drugs, present challenges in achieving favorable production economics and in managing the projects themselves. A roundtable of CDMOs provides perspectives on those challenges and best practices to resolve them.

Blockbusters in 2026: Which Products Will Stand Out?
Which products slated to launch in 2022 are pegged as blockbusters (defined as sales of $1 billion or more) by 2026? What products have analysts identified, and what are key recent developments? Are these products remaining on track to live up to the bill?

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