Renew your Membership in the DCAT Member Company Community

Has your company renewed its membership with the DCAT organization for the upcoming year? DCAT’s fiscal year begins on November 1, 2022 – if your company has not renewed, please urge your official company delegate to do so now.

DCAT Member Companies and their employees receive an array of Member-Only Benefits, including online programs, research studies, women’s programs, leadership publications, and a variety of branding opportunities. Also, your company’s membership ensures deeply-discounted fees for must-attend education programs, networking events, access to lounges, and company sponsorships at DCAT Week. 

Prior to DCAT Week 2023, Member Companies will also be able to take advantage of the new DCAT Week Preview, the online digital magazine to spotlight your attendance at the event.

In addition, DCAT Value Chain Insights, DCAT’s online publication covering the latest news and trends impacting the bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain, is one of the most widely read and respected online publications in the industry. With its newsletter and dedicated website, DCAT Value Chain Insights is the leader in providing the latest industry trends and analysis—not to mention readership! DCAT Member Company employees receive DCAT Value Chain Insights delivered to their inbox each Friday morning, making DCAT Value Chain Insights the best place for your Member Company to showcase its products and services to thousands of industry representatives.   

Your company’s membership fees are due by November 1. Do you need to know if your company has renewed? Please contact Lauryn Kuna, Director, Membership Services, at

For more information about Membership Renewal and how to renew your DCAT membership, click here.