Women Leaders in Pharma Interview: Fran Zipp, Lachman Consultant Services

Fran Zipp
President & CEO of Lachman Consultant Services, Inc.

The latest interview in the DCAT Alliance for Industry Women Committee’s Women Leaders in Pharma: An Interview Series features Frances (Fran) Zipp, President & CEO of Lachman Consultant Services, Inc. As an expert in compliance enhancement, Fran develops program solutions to meet GXP compliance requirements and delivers strategic guidance and direction toward implementation of effective solutions to client needs. Fran has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, biologic, and biotechnology industries from R&D through post-market approval. She assists and counsels Senior-level management in areas of Corporate Governance, Corporate Integrity Agreement Compliance, Consent Decree Negotiations and Resolutions, Application Integrity Policy resolution, and Due Diligence evaluations (facilities; products; technologies). Read her interview here.

Since late 2020, the DCAT Alliance for Industry Women Committee has highlighted key industry colleagues who have been kind enough to share their insights on a range of important and relevant topics. In each interview, women leaders from various DCAT Member Companies share their insights on career development, leadership, mentoring, networking, and more. These interviews have been published monthly and posted on dcat.org, social media, and on the DCAT Alliance for Industry Women’s LinkedIn page. Read previous interviews at dcat.org/interviews.

About the Alliance for Industry Women Committee

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