Women Leaders in Pharma Interview: Lillie Talon, Catalent Pharma Solutions

The latest interview in the DCAT Alliance for Industry Women Committee’s Women Leaders in Pharma: An Interview Series features Lillie Talon, Cell Therapy Proposal Lead, Catalent Pharma Solutions. Read her interview here

Lillie Talon
Cell Therapy Proposal Lead
Catalent Pharma Solutions

Lillie will also be speaking in a live panel discussion, Excelling in a Multigenerational Workplace, presented by the DCAT Alliance for Industry Women, on December 13, 2022. This live webinar will feature three panelists representing different ages and stages of their careers, discussing how intergenerational employees, with a variety of experiences and skills sets, can create significant opportunities and ensure success in today’s workplace. Registration is complimentary for DCAT Member Companies. 

Lillie Talon 
Lillie Talon is a Cell Therapy Proposal Lead at Catalent Pharma Solutions. In this role, Lillie is responsible for the authorship of proposals supporting Catalent’s Biomodalities business unit in order to win new business.  In addition, she serves on the global steering committee for Catalent’s intergenerational employee resource group. Prior to this, she was a part of  Catalent’s Global Organizational Leadership Development (GOLD) program in which she did three rotations in different roles at various Catalent sites.   

The Women Leaders in Pharma: An Interview Series provides employees of DCAT Member Companies with the opportunity to hear from women industry leaders on a variety of timely and relevant topics. 

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