Women Leaders in Pharma Interview: Mara Guzzetti, General Manager, CARBOGEN AMCIS Switzerland

Mara Guzzetti
General Manager

The latest interview in the DCAT Alliance for Industry Women Committee’s Women Leaders in Pharma: An Interview Series features Mara Guzzetti, General Manager, CARBOGEN AMCIS Switzerland. Read her interview here.    

Mara Guzzetti is currently serving as the General Manager of CARBOGEN AMCIS Switzerland, a leading contract development and manufacturing organization in the pharmaceutical industry. With over 25 years of experience, Mrs. Guzzetti has established herself as a highly accomplished professional in the field.

She holds a PhD in Foreign Literature from the University of Milan, Italy.

Mrs. Guzzetti has an extensive international track record of business experience within the chemical industry. She has worked for a range of different companies including Bayer, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, BASF, Intertek and Valsynthese, providing her with a strong foundation in both scientific and managerial aspects.

After an experience in Abu Dhabi as Interim Program Manager, she returned to Europe (Switzerland) in 2013 as Senior EVP Fine Chemicals and Member of SSE Management Directors Group for Valsynthese AG, before joining CARBOGEN AMCIS in 2022.

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