Women Leaders in Pharma Interview: Mary Blenn, Vice President Global Supply Chain, Cytiva

Mary Blenn,
Vice President Global Supply Chain,

The latest interview in the DCAT Alliance for Industry Women Committee’s Women Leaders in Pharma: An Interview Series features Mary Blenn, Vice President Global Supply Chain at Cytiva. Watch her interview here.   

Mary Blenn  
Mary Blenn is the Vice President Global Supply Chain at Cytiva. Mary is an accomplished Global Supply Chain leader with over 25 years of experience driving manufacturing, logistics and materials management on a global level.  

At the foundation of all of her work is the spirit of collaborative culture – both within her teams and across peer groups – to keep the customer front of mind and to improve continually. Mary believes that sustainable and scalable growth happens best through these critical relationships.  

During her career this has paid dividends in the form of increasing responsibilities, landing her in the current role since 2017. As senior executive, Global Supply Chain, Mary has direct oversite and responsibility for global manufacturing, a global logistics network, as well as a number of Centers of Excellence that keep the business on track in its processes and costs.  

On her way to this role, Mary has held several supply chain roles in such businesses as GE Power, GE Superabrasives, and GE Lighting. In 2003, Mary moved to GE Healthcare where she held multiple plant leadership roles within the Healthcare Systems business. During this time, Mary has led integrations and divestitures, green field expansions, as well as applying her direct quality compliance experience dealing with multiple FDA regulatory audits.  

Mary joined GE Healthcare Life Sciences in 2014, as the Operational Excellence Leader for the Biopharma business, which is now Cytiva. She played a critical role in implementing initiatives such as Brilliant Factory. In late 2014, her role quickly expanded to include operational site management and oversight for plants in Westborough, Massachusetts and Issaquah, Washington.  

Mary is an active leader in affinity networks and enjoys fostering the next generation of leaders. Mary earned her degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.  

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