Podcast 28: The Year in Review: 2020

Although the COVID-19 pandemic dominated the headlines in 2020, there were other key developments in 2020. In this year in review, we look at the other key developments in 2020, including new product approvals, noteworthy deals, and other developments making the news. For the text version of this article visit dcatvci.org.

Key topics: (see Chapter Markers)

2020 in Review: The Top 10 Developments

  1. Volume growth of pharmaceuticals declines globally.
  2. New molecular entities approvals by FDA keeps pace with prior years.
  3. The new AbbVie: AbbVie’s $63-Bn acquisition of Allergan.
  4. Viatris  launches as new company: Mylan plus Upjohn, Pfizer’s off-patent branded and generic established medicines business.
  5. Gilead Sciences’ $21-Bn acquisition of Immunomedics
  6. Danaher’s $21.4-Bn acquisition of GE Healthcare Life Sciences and launch of Cytiva.
  7. Merck & Co.’s pending spin-off of women’s health, biosimilars & legacy products to form a new company.
  8. Reshoring drug manufacturing gains policy momentum.
  9. Some drug pricing reforms in the US move forward
  10. Brexit uncertainty still looms.

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