Podcast 30: Mid-Year CDMO Review: COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturing and M&A

What have been the key developments in 2021 thus far in the CDMO market? In this podcast we take a look at the increasing participation by CDMOs in COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing and robust mergers and acquisition activity that have marked the first half of 2021. What are the implications, and what can be expected going forward? For the text version of this article visit dcatvci.org.

Key topics: (see Chapter Markers)

  • CDMOs and COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing
  • Potential implications of increased injectables capacity
  • CDMO M&A remains robust
  • Cell and gene therapies: a major source of CDMO M&A
  • Private equity and CDMO M&A
  • Largest deal thus far: Thermo Fisher Scientific/PPD

Sponsor: Vetter Pharma International GmbH

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