Podcast 44: What’s Trending: Parenteral Drug Development & Manufacturing

What are some key trends and issues arising in parenteral drug development and manufacturing? From more complex molecules and modalities and sterile drug-product capacity market shifts, DCAT Value Chain Insights takes an inside look.

Key topics: (see Chapter Markers in drop down menu in audio player above) 

  • Major trends in parenteral drug development (1:44)
  • Long peptides in NDAs and BLAs (3:41)
  • New complex modalities (4:39)
  • Sterile drug-product capacity market shifts (5:54)
  • Complex sterile injectables (7:40)
  • Regulatory issues (11:21)
  • Digitalization and automation (13:28)

Podcast Sponsor: Vetter Pharma International GmbH

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