Podcast 9: A Top 10 Watch List: Biologics and Biomanufacturing

In this podcast we feature DCAT Value Chain Insights’ Top 10 Watch List for Biologics and Biomanufacturing.  For the text version of this article visit dcatvci.org.

Key topics: (see Chapter Markers)

  1. Vaccines: the race for a vaccine against the novel coronavirus.
  2. Vaccine manufacturing: technology and scale-up.
  3. Biologic-based antivirals against the novel coronavirus.
  4. Head of the class: the top-selling biologics.
  5. Biologics’ share of new drug approvals.
  6. Biosimilars: new market entrants.
  7. Biosimilars and interchangeability: the market impact.
  8. Cell and gene therapies: manufacturing investments.
  9. Advances in biomanufacturing.
  10. Live biotherapeutic products: a new opportunity.

Sponsor: CordenPharma

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