From DCAT Week 2024: Supplier News: Packaging 

A roundup of news from CDMOs/CMOs and suppliers in pharmaceutical packaging with news from Adare Pharma Solutions and ApiJect 

* Adare Expanding Packaging & Warehouse Facilities in EU
* ApiJect Expands Blow–Fill–Seal Technology Center 

Adare Expanding Packaging & Warehouse Facilities in Italy 
Adare Pharma Solutions, a CDMO of drug products and drug-delivery services, has begun work to add packaging capabilities and further warehousing capacity at its Pessano facility in Milan, Italy.  

The two-story 2,800-square-meter extension at the site will accommodate a new packaging line in a packaging hall. The packaging line will primarily be used to package tablets, capsules, and softgel capsules into various blisters. The machine is capable of packaging more than 50 million blisters annually. The new packaging line is projected to be installed by the fourth quarter of 2024. 

The expansion to the Pessano site also includes an additional 1,000 square-meter warehouse with capacity for 900 pallets, as well as space to accommodate a second packaging line for future needs. 

The 20,400 square meter Pessano facility provides R&D services to expedite formulation and process development and manufactures a wide range of solid dosage forms at both clinical and commercial scales, including granules, capsules and tablets. The facility also provides controlled substance and organic solvent capabilities. 

Source: Adare Pharma Solutions 

ApiJect Expands Blow–Fill–Seal Technology Center 
ApiJect Systems, a medical technology company, is now offering product-development capabilities, specifically proof-of-concept studies using its prefilled injector technology. To support that development, the company is expanding its Technology Development Center in Oakland, Florida, from 16,000 square feet to 32,000 square feet. 

The center is equipped with various blow–fill–seal (BFS) machines, prototype mold designs and creation capabilities, BFS container testing, mold modification and maintenance, needle-hub fitting, prefilled injector testing, feasibility filling, and stability foil wrapping.  

This expansion allows bio/pharmaceutical development and manufacturing companies to provide a small amount of vaccine or drug product for testing compatibility with ApiJect technology and BFS.  

Source: ApiJect