From DCAT Week: INCOG BioPharma Services Plans Additional Filling Capacity for Injectables 

Cory Lewis,
CEO & President
INCOG BioPharma Services

INCOG BioPharma Services, a Fisher, Indiana-based CDMO specializing in sterile injectables, is increasing injectable drug-product filling capacity at is site in Indiana. Cory Lewis, President and CEO, INCOG BioPharma Services, detailed the expansion at the DCAT Member Company Announcement Forum held March 20, 2023, at DCAT Week 2023.  

Having invested $100 million to date and having launched cGMP filling operations on a multi-use line in early 2023, INCOG BioPharma’s next expansion plan includes adding a second cleanroom formulation suite and filling suite, equipped with a high-speed syringe/cartridge filling line. In addition, the INCOG team plans to procure an automated inspection machine and device-assembly equipment to support a growing pipeline of syringe projects. This next expansion phase results in total investment nearing $200 million.  

With the bio/pharma industry’s outsourcing demand for injectable projects increasing, INCOG BioPharma’s next capital improvement project increases the company’s parenteral drug-product filling capacity by 2.5x to 125 million units (currently, now 40 million units/year with the already installed Optima Multiuse line) with the addition of a new high-speed syringe/cartridge filling line.  

The company’s facility, on the 16-acre INCOG BioPharma campus on the northside of Indianapolis, has been master planned to support expansion, which includes more filling lines plus more automated packaging and inspection lines suitable for large-scale, high-throughput projects. These additional manufacturing capabilities in the 90,000-square-foot facility in Fishers, Indiana, provide service offerings and capacity for injectable drug-product projects during their lifecycles. Continuing expansion plans will further INCOG BioPharma’s ability to provide flexibility to its long-term partners on projects from clinical to commercial launches.