News from DCAT Week 2022: HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis Outlines Multi-Year Expansion Plan

Dr. Waldo Mossi
HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis

HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis (formerly Helsinn Advanced Synthesis), which launched as an independent business earlier this year (2022), is proceeding with a multi-year CHF 100-million-plus ($108-million) investment plan to expand capacity for small-molecule active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) development and manufacturing. Allison Vavala, Director, Commercial Development, Helsinn Therapeutics (consultant to HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis), provided an update on behalf of Dr. Waldo Mossi, CEO, HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis, at the DCAT Member Company Announcement Forum held on March 21, 2022 at DCAT Week 2022.  

In January (January 2022), HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis, a Biasca, Switzerland-based CDMO of small-molecule APIs, high-potency APIs (HPAPIs), and anticancer compounds, launched as an independent business. It originally was part of the Helsinn Group under the name Helsinn Advanced Synthesis since 1984. The transition into a privately owned, independent company reflects the growth of the company and its focus on CDMO services. HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis is now a subsidiary of the newly formed 3B Future Holding SA (also wholly owned by the Braglia family). 

The company provided highlights of its multi-year investment plan. A recent investment of CHF 20 million ($22 million) in 2012 to 2014 was for a dedicated anticancer facility (Synthesis C) with three production bays ranging from 20 L to 800 L down to an occupational exposure limit of 50 ng/m³ in batch sizes ranging from 1 to 30 kg per batch. In 2019, this facility was expanded with a CHF 16.5-million ($17.9-million) investment to add an even larger production bay with 800-L, 1000-L, and 1,200-L reactors, allowing for up to 40 kg per batch.  At the same time, the company’s R&D and quality control (QC) lab capacity was doubled. With an ongoing investment of CHF 8 million ($8.7 million) for a new QC Laboratory Center, building construction began this year (2022), and completion will occur next year (2023). This year (2022), the company initiated a CHF 70-million ($76-million) expansion (Synthesis D), which will have three different HPAPI bays to offer additional capacity. From 2027 to 2030, the company has additional plans to further expand, with further details yet to be determined.

In addition to expanding capacity, the company has made several key investments to reinforce its commitment to sustainability. This includes the following: (1) installation of photovoltaic panels integrated in the facilities rooftops to reduce electricity consumption (investment of CHF100,000); (2) installation of a new eco-area to optimize and streamline the recycling of different materials (investment of CHF 450,000); and (3) energy consumption analysis and monitoring in collaboration with a local university with special attention to electricity and water usage (investment of CHF 200,000).  Since 2019, the company has replaced the use of heating oil to a district heating plant and reduced CO2 emissions by 80% (investment of CHF 1.25 million), which helped meet its goal of becoming carbon neutral in 2021 after a 10-year effort to decarbonize its value chain.