Kindeva Drug Delivery Investing $150 M-Plus for New Fill–Finish Facility; Acquires Nasal-Drug Delivery Company Summit Biosciences 

Milton Boyer
Kindeva Drug Delivery

Kindeva Drug Delivery is making several key strategic investments in its CDMO and drug-delivery business. Milton Boyer, CEO, Kindeva Drug Delivery, outlined the company’s recent moves at the DCAT Member Company Announcement Forum held on March 18th, 2024, at DCAT Week. 

Kindeva is investing $150-million-plus in a new 155,000-square-foot aseptic injectable fill-finish facility in Bridgeton, Missouri, set to open in September 2024. The  facility is designed with Annex I-complaint (i.e., the European Union’s requirements  for the manufacture of sterile medicinal products) through the use of automation technology. With this facility, Kindeva provides fully integrated capabilities across fill-finish, product assembly, and final product in one geographic location.

The company also announced in January (January 2024) its latest expansion in combination drug-device products through the acquisition of Summit Biosciences, a Lexington, Kentucky-based intranasal drug-delivery CDMO. On a market basis, nasal drug delivery is becoming a preferred dosage format for a growing number of indications as it allows users to noninvasively administer medications in an acute or emergency setting. The acquisition enhances and further expands the company’s range of complex drug-device combination products (pulmonary & nasal, injectable, and transdermal).

In addition, as legislation and regulations surrounding the environmental impact of pressurized metered-dose inhalers (pMDIs) continue to evolve, Kindeva is making strategic investments, which includes using greener propellants in its inhalers. Specifically, the company formed a co-development collaboration with Orbia Advance Corporation’s Fluorinated Solutions business (Koura) in December 2023 to convert existing marketed pMDI products to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious propellant, HFA 152a, known as Zephex 152a.