News from DCAT Week 2022: Cytiva Provides Update of $1.5-Bn Bioprocessing Expansion Plan

Mary Blenn
Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Mary Blenn, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Cytiva, a supplier of products to support bioprocessing, provided an update of a $1.5-billion expansion plan at the DCAT Member Company Announcement Forum held March 21, 2022 at DCAT Week 2022.

Cytiva and Pall Corporation, both companies of Danaher Corporation, announced in July 2021 a $1.5-billion investment over two years and across 13 sites to expand manufacturing capacity for products support bioprocessing. The investment follows five acquisitions made by the companies in 2021.

The breakdown of the $1.5-billion investment is as follows:

  • $600+ million in chromatography resins—used for analyzing or purifying biomolecules—and for establishing a new manufacturing site in the US.
  • $400+ million in cell-culture media (liquid or powder form) by expanding operations in the US, UK, and Austria.
  • $300+ million in single-use technologies, including bioreactor bags as well as syringe filters for scientific research by expanding operations in the US and the UK and fitting out a new facility in Cardiff, Wales.
  • $200+ million for continuing expansion work in Cytiva and Pall’s sites across China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and the US.
  • Hiring of 2,000+ new roles to be filled globally over the next two years.

Key recent and upcoming milestones in that expansion plan were highlighted by Cytiva. This year (2022), the company opened a new facility in Cardiff, Wales, for the manufacture of products in its single-use technology portfolio. The production of mixer bags, flow kits, and tubing assemblies has already started in the first cleanroom, which was installed and validated in nine months. There will be six ISO 7 class cleanrooms by the end of 2022. The new facility is helping increase Cytiva’s global manufacturing capacity for single-use products by 20%. A new Center of Excellence will open in Signy, Switzerland, in the second quarter of 2022, for the manufacture of Sepax and Sefia cell-processing systems. It will also serve as a base for customer training and educational initiatives. Aligned to a security-of-supply multi-site strategy, the company is in the process of securing a location to manufacture chromatography resins in the US to provide increased capacity and to bring products closer to its North American customer base.