From DCAT Week: Kindeva Drug Delivery and Meridian Medical Technologies Merge To Create New Drug–Device CDMO 

Milton Boyer,
Meridian Medical Technologies and Kindeva Drug Delivery

A new drug–device CDMO, which merged Kindeva Drug Delivery (formerly 3M Drug Delivery Systems), a CDMO of drug-delivery services, and Meridian Medical Technologies, a Saint Louis, Michigan-based CDMO of autoinjectors, is in the market. Milton Boyer, CEO of Meridian Medical Technologies and the combined company, outlined the rationale and capabilities of the newly merged company at the DCAT Member Company Announcement Forum, which was held March 20, 2023, at DCAT Week.  

In December 2022, the two companies completed their merger to create a top five drug-device combination product CDMO by revenue. The combined company, a drug–device CDMO, now operates under the Kindeva name, with Meridian operating as “Meridian Medical Technologies, a Kindeva company.” The merged organization offers increased scale from nine R&D and manufacturing facilities and an expanded range of drug-delivery solutions with a combined focus in parenteral, inhalation, transdermal, and intradermal routes of administration. 

Kindeva and Meridian are both operating companies of Altaris, a healthcare investment firm. Kindeva was acquired by Altaris in 2020 from 3M Company, and Meridian was acquired by Altaris in December 2021 from Pfizer.