Porton Expanding Small-Molecule API Manufacturing  

Oliver Ju
Chairman and CEO 
Porton Pharma Solutions

Porton Pharma Solutions is investing in its small-molecule API development and manufacturing capabilities. The company’s expansion news was outlined by Oliver Ju, Chairman & CEO, Porton Pharma Solutions, at the DCAT Member Company Announcement Forum held on March 18th, 2024, at DCAT Week. 

The company’s expansion activity addresses four overall market needs: increased globalization, digitalization, technology, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

The company’s globalization initiative began in 2017 with the acquisition of J-STAR, expanding services in the US and Europe from early-phase development to commercialization. Investments have been made in New Jersey and Slovenia to enhance capabilities in-process R&D, crystallization, drug-substance and product development, and high-potency labs and suites. The investment in the company’s Mengis, Slovenia, campus will provide R&D labs, kilo labs, pilot- plant capabilities, and GMP suites.

In addition to traditional small molecules, Porton has invested in new modalities such as peptides, oligonucleotides, and complex conjugates. Capabilities include solid-phase, liquid- phase, hybrid peptide synthesis, siRNA, miRNA, aptamer oligos, and antibody-drug conjugates. In addition, delivery systems such as lipids and polymers support various therapeutic formats.

Technological investments have focused on reaction sciences, process engineering, particle engineering, material science, and computational chemistry. Emphasis has been placed on bio-catalysis, continuous flow processing, AI-enabled design of experiments, and process optimization to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in drug development.