AstraZeneca Opens New $1.3-Bn R&D Center

AstraZeneca has opened a new £1-billion ($1.3-billion) research and development facility in Cambridge, UK.

The new facility will include robotics, screening, and AI-driven technology. It will support AstraZeneca’s focus on specialized and precision medicines and foster the discovery and development of therapeutics, including nucleotide-based products, products derived from gene-editing and cell therapies.

Located within the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, the building’s 19,000-m2 laboratories are in close proximity to hospitals, the University of Cambridge, other research institutions, and a number of biotech companies. AstraZeneca has over 200 active collaborations in the region and more than 2,000 globally across academia, biotech and industry.

The facility will add to AstraZeneca’s R&D presence in more than 40 countries globally, including its other research centers in Gothenburg, Sweden and the US, and development facilities in China and Japan.

Source: AstraZeneca