FDA Postpones Certain Inspections Due to Omicron

Late last month (December 29, 2021), the US Food and Drug Administration implemented temporary changes to its inspectional activities in response to the Omicron variant. Through January 19, 2022, the agency has temporarily postponed certain inspectional activities but will continue “mission-critical” work.

The FDA says it will continue conducting mission-critical foreign inspections and will reassess plans as needed based on its monitoring foreign travel conditions. The agency also is postponing the planning of prioritized surveillance foreign inspection assignments that were scheduled to begin in February 2022. The FDA is also continuing to conduct mission-critical domestic inspections. State inspections under FDA contract have the discretion to make inspection decisions based on their local information.

The agency is continuing remote foreign supplier verification program activities for human and animal foods, as well as leveraging other remote tools to maintain oversight of foods, drugs, medical products and tobacco.

Source: US Food and Drug Administration