Global Briefs: Pharmascience & Transpire Bio 

A roundup of news from Pharmascience and Transpire Bio. Highlights below.  

* Pharmascience To Invest $120 M in Injectable Mfg Facility
* Transpire Bio Opens New Headquarters

Pharmascience To Invest $120 M in Injectable Mfg Facility 
Pharmascience, a Montreal, Quebec, Canada-based bio/pharmaceutical company, has announced an expansion of its sterile injectable manufacturing facility in Candiac, Québec. 

The expansion will triple Pharmascience’s current injectable manufacturing capacity from its 2021 level, with the addition of new equipment. The new facility comprises approximately 26,000 square feet of new manufacturing space and equipment, and a retrofit of approximately 7,500 square feet to Pharmascience’s existing manufacturing facilities. Valued at a total of $120 million, this project is supported by the Government of Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund at $29.77 million and by the Government of Québec through Investissement Québec at $24.75 million. 50 new manufacturing jobs will be created as a result of the project, with the project supporting an additional 300 jobs. 

The expansion is expected to be completed by 2026. 

Source: Pharmascience 

Transpire Bio Opens New Headquarters 
Transpire Bio, a development-stage bio/pharmaceutical company, was joined by local and state elected officials and industry leaders to celebrate the opening of its new research facility and global headquarters in Weston, Florida.  

The company will be developing inhalation medicines for conditions including asthma, COPD, and diseases of the central nervous system. 

Source: Transpire Bio