Mfg News: Amgen 

A roundup of manufacturing news from Amgen. Highlights below. 

Amgen Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Ohio

Amgen Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Ohio 
Amgen has opened a new manufacturing facility, a final product assembly and packaging plant, in New Albany, Ohio.  

Amgen first announced plans to build the Ohio facility in June 2021. Construction of the site took 26 months from groundbreaking to approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in January 2024, which the company said was its most rapid site completion in the company’s nearly 45-year history. This new facility is the latest step in a planned expansion of Amgen’s US-based manufacturing capabilities; another facility is currently under construction in North Carolina. In March 2022, the company broke ground for a new multi-product drug-substance biomanufacturing facility in Holly Springs, North Carolina. The new plant will support both stainless steel-fed batch manufacturing and single-use technologies to allow flexibility in the production of multiple products in one plant. 

The nearly 300,000-square-foot facility in Ohio will employ 400 full-time staff. It also features open workspaces to foster collaboration and has been designed to meet sustainability standards. 

In partnership with Columbus State Community College, Amgen is hosting an inaugural 18-month manufacturing apprenticeship at its Ohio site.  

Source: Amgen