Mfg News: Viatris and Bayer

A roundup of manufacturing news from Viatris and Bayer.

Viatris Recalls One Batch of Biosimilar Insulin Product
Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., a Viatris company, is voluntarily recalling one batch of its biosimilar, Semglee (insulin glargine injection), 100 units/ml (U-100), 3-mL prefilled pens, due to the potential for the label to be missing on some prefilled pens within a labelled carton for this particular batch.

The prefilled pens are packaged in a labelled carton of five pens. This batch was manufactured by Biocon and distributed by Mylan Specialty L.P. in the US between May 11, 2021 and November 11, 2021.

Semglee is a biosimilar of Sanofi’s Lantus (insulin glargine), a long-acting insulin to treat Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Source: Viatris and the US Food and Drug Administration

Bayer Invests $80 M in Cell Therapy Mfg Company Cellino
Bayer has invested $80 million in  Cellino Biotech, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based cell-therapy manufacturing company, through Leaps by Bayer, the investment arm of Bayer AG, by leading a Series A financing round.

Cellino’s manufacturing platform combines artificial intelligence (AI) and laser technology to automate cell-therapy manufacturing to reduce expenditures and overcome scaling limitations. Investing in Cellino represents an opportunity for Leaps by Bayer to continue to fund the development of therapies. Cellino says it plans to build the first autonomous human cell foundry in 2025.

Source: Bayer