Moderna Pauses Plan for $500-M mRNA Mfg Plant in Kenya 

Moderna has paused its efforts to build a $500-million mRNA manufacturing facility in Kenya while it determines future demand for mRNA vaccines on the African continent. Moderna announced the plans to build the facility in 2022. 

The company said that demand in Africa for COVID-19 vaccines has declined since the pandemic and is insufficient to support the viability of the factory planned in Kenya. The mRNA manufacturing facility was planned to produce up to 500 million doses of vaccines each year. The facility was expected to focus on drug-substance manufacturing with the potential for expansion to include fill–finish and packaging capabilities at the site, with the production output targeted for Africa.  

Moderna said that it has not received any vaccine orders for Africa since 2022 and has faced the cancellation of previous orders, resulting in more than $1 billion in losses and write-downs. 

Moderna says it is actively working on the development of public health vaccines, including those for diseases that predominantly affect the African continent, such as HIV and malaria. However, these investigational vaccines are at an early development stage, and in alignment with its strategic planning, Moderna believes it is prudent to pause its efforts to build an mRNA manufacturing facility in Kenya.  

Source: Moderna