Novo Nordisk Completes $1.1 Bn Acquisition of Forma Therapeutics

Novo Nordisk has completed its $1.1-billion acquisition of Forma Therapeutics, a Watertown, Massachusetts-based clinical-stage bio/pharmaceutical company focus on sickle-cell disease and rare blood disorders. The companies announced the acquisition in September 2022.

Forma’s lead product is etavopivat, an investigational oral, once-daily drug being developed to improve anemia and red-blood cell health in people with sickle-cell disease. Etavopivat is being evaluated in a global Phase II/III clinical trial in patients with sickle-cell disease and in a Phase II trial in patients with transfusion-dependent sickle-cell disease and thalassemia, inherited blood disorder that results in lower hemoglobin levels than normal.

With the completion the merger, Forma became a wholly owned subsidiary of Novo Nordisk.

Source: Novo Nordisk