Partnering News: Synaffix & More

A roundup of bio/pharmaceutical partnering news from Synaffix/Emergence Therapeutics.

* Synaffix, Emergence Therapeutics in $360-M Licensing Pact for ADCs

Synaffix, Emergence Therapeutics in $360-M Licensing Pact for ADCs
Synaffix, an Amsterdam-based technology provider, and Emergence Therapeutics, a Duisberg, Germany-based bio/pharmaceutical company, have entered into a licensing agreement for antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) in a deal worth up to $360 million.

Under the agreement, Emergence Therapeutics secures rights to develop multiple ADCs against undisclosed targets and will have access on a target-specific basis to Synaffix’s proprietary ADC technologies: GlycoConnect, which matches payload potency with the appropriate drug-antibody ratio; HydraSpace, a short and polar sulfamide spacer designed to improve the manufacturability, stability, and therapeutic index of ADCs; and SYNtecan E linker-payload to optimize linker–payloads in ADCs. Emergence will be responsible for the research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of the ADCs. Synaffix will be responsible for the manufacturing of components that are specifically related to its proprietary technologies.

Synaffix will be eligible to receive up to $360 million in upfront and milestone payments plus royalties on commercial sales. The first program will commence at signature, with the option to expand the collaboration to additional targets. The agreement is the result of positive proof-of- concept data following a successful initial discovery research collaboration between the companies.

Source: Synaffix and Emergence Therapeutics