Roche, Adaptimmune in $3.3-Bn Cell-Therapy Pact

Adaptimmune Therapeutics, an Oxfordshire, UK-based T-cell therapy company, has entered into a strategic collaboration and license agreement with Roche’s Genentech to develop and commercialize allogeneic cell therapies to treat multiple oncology indications, in a deal worth up to $3.3-billion ($150 million upfront and up to $3.15 billion in milestone payments).

The collaboration has two components: (1) development of allogeneic T-cell therapies for up to five shared cancer targets; and (2) development of personalized allogeneic T-cell therapies.

For each component, Adaptimmune will be responsible for developing clinical candidates using its induced pluripotent stem-cell (iPSC)-derived allogeneic platform to produce T-cells (iT cells). Genentech will be responsible for the input TCRs and subsequent clinical development and commercialization.

Under the agreement, Adaptimmune will receive an upfront payment of $150 million and additional payments of $150 million over five years, unless the agreement is earlier terminated. In addition, Adaptimmune may be eligible to receive research, development, regulatory and commercial milestones payments potentially exceeding $3 billion in aggregate value. Adaptimmune will also receive tiered royalties on net sales in the mid-single to low-double digits.

Adaptimmune has the right to opt in to a 50/50 US profit/cost share on “off-the-shelf” products. If Adaptimmune elects to opt in, then Adaptimmune will be eligible to share 50% of profits and losses from US sales on such products and is eligible to receive ex-US regulatory and sales-based milestone payments, as well as royalties on ex-US net sales.

Source: Adaptimmune Therapeutics