Samsung Biologics in $411-M Mfg Pact with Pfizer; Updates Timeline for New Biomanufacturing Facility

Samsung Biologics, a CDMO of biologics, has formed a strategic partnership for the long-term commercial manufacturing of Pfizer’s multi-product biosimilars portfolio and also provided an update on a new biomanufacturing facility to be constructed at a second Bio Campus in South Korea.

Samsung Biologics and Pfizer had earlier entered into an initial manufacturing agreement in March 2023 for a Pfizer product. Under a new agreement, Samsung Biologics will provide Pfizer with additional capacity for large-scale manufacturing for a multi-product biosimilars portfolio covering oncology, inflammation, and immunology. The value of the manufacturing pact is approximately $411 million, and Samsung will use its recently completed fourth manufacturing plant at its site in Songdo, South Korea. The site, the company’s first Bio Campus encompassing four biomanufacturing plants, has total capacity of 604,000 liters. 

In a separate development, Samsung Biologics announced an updated timeline for its fifth biomanufacturing plant, which is to be constructed at its second Bio Campus in Songdo, South Korea. The company is investing over KRW 1.9 trillion ($1.46 billion) in the new facility, which is scheduled to be operational in April 2025. Upon completion, the new facility will have production capacity of 180,000 liters to provide the company with overall biomanufacturing capacity of 784,000 liters. 

Samsung Biologics purchased 357,360 m2 of land in July 2022 for its Second Bio Campus, which will feature an Open Innovation Center for biotech incubation and four biomanufacturing plants with total capacity of 720,000 liters. Upon the completion of all plants at the company’s second Bio Campus, along with its existing facilities at its first Bio Campus, the company will hold total biomanufacturing capacity of 1.324 million liters. 

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