From DCAT’s Executive Director: Reflections of DCAT Week 2022

Margaret M. Timony
Executive Director

In reflecting back on DCAT Week 2022, which was held from March 21–24, 2022, the energy and enthusiasm from DCAT Member Companies of being able to attend DCAT’s flagship event in person was apparent from the start and throughout the week. As Executive Director, I can report first-hand on key highlights from a very successful week.

A two-year pause in holding DCAT Week in person made the opportunity to participate in DCAT Week even more valuable to DCAT Member Companies, and it showed. The positivity flowed across the DCAT Week Official Hotels, at Education Programs, Networking Events, in the Meeting Rooms, and at the Annual Dinner.

A quick review of our stats indicates that 405 DCAT Member Companies made a strong showing at the week-long event. Many huddled in their business meeting spaces catching up with customers and suppliers while others took some time to learn from industry experts in the education programs, which were held during the first three days of DCAT Week 2022.  

DCAT Week 2022 proved once again that DCAT Week offers a unique way to network. Tuesday evening’s Member Company Reception was indeed the place to get reconnected. If you were looking to meet some new colleagues, the two Business Card Exchanges were ideal and very successful.  

Thanks to our Education, Supply Management, and Research and Benchmarking Committees for developing and executing some of the best education sessions the organization has offered. Our members rely on volunteers from these Committees to identify topics and speakers that will provide insights that are topical, salient, and of utility in our members’ work. These Committees delivered once again for DCAT Week 2022.

Of course, no one has an event like that developed by the Alliance for Industry Women Committee. Once again, the Women’s Networking Breakfast was a networking phenom! An excellent speaker and a great start to everyone’s morning!  

So after all of that, how can you end DCAT Week?  Well, with none other than George Clooney, that’s how!  DCAT’s Annual Dinner Chairperson and DCAT Board Member, Sally Macaluso (Johnson & Johnson), did a wonderful job hosting the legendary actor. The Dinner guests were thoroughly entertained and enjoyed his insights and Hollywood stories. 

The glue for all of this is our excellent staff. The DCAT staff worked on a very compressed schedule this year for DCAT Week, and for the first time, remotely. However, they did a fantastic job, and I know that our Member Companies appreciated it.

And finally, thanks to our Member Companies who attended and supported the organization and its premier event. For some, attending was a difficult decision to make, and there were many considerations and modifications to do so. We are glad you were able to participate!

Both the staff and I appreciate all your congratulatory emails, thank you’s, and feedback. We look forward to seeing you at our events and DCAT Week in 2023.

Margaret M. Timony
Executive Director, DCAT