Have a Case Study To Share: DCAT Value Chain Insights Wants to Hear from You

What challenges has your company being able to successfully overcome in sourcing, supply management, project management, technology transfer, or other issues impacting the bio/pharma customer–supplier relationship? What new approaches and best practices did you company apply?

Patricia Van Arnum
Editorial Director

Here is an opportunity to share an objective, realistic case study with C-suite, senior and mid-level executives involved in the business of bio/pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

DCAT Value Chain Insights, the online publication covering the bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain of the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT), is eager to hear from you to discuss a contributed editorial article to DCAT Value Chain Insights.

Articles should provide thought leadership by offering specifics and fresh insight on issues ranging from leadership, organizational change, negotiation, strategy, operations, finance, managing people, or technology (i.e., manufacturing issues on an active pharmaceutical ingredient or drug product level, formulation/drug delivery, or packaging). The article should be based on research and/or operational experience and tailored for a well-informed business audience composed of C-suite, senior and mid-level executives involved in the business of bio/pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

Interested in contributing? We suggest that you contact DCAT’s Editorial Director, Patricia Van Arnum (pvanarnum@dcat.org, Tel: (856) 388-2964), and provide a brief description (about one paragraph) on your article idea. Patricia can provide you editorial guidance on a potential article. Guidelines for contributing bylined articles may be found here.

Once an article is received, it goes through internal editorial review and a peer-review process by DCAT’s Editorial Committee, composed of volunteers and experts from DCAT Member Companies, which serves an advisory role for editorial content in DCAT Value Chain Insights. The Committee ensures that the varying information needs of DCAT Member Companies are served by delivering topical, salient, and relevant content. Editorial content that is promotional to a product or company will not be accepted.

DCAT Value Chain Insights is one of the most widely read and respected online publications for the global bio/pharmaceutical industry, and here is a chance to stand out among your peers by sharing your expert insights with DCAT Member Companies. We looking forward to hearing from you!