Press Release Submission Guidelines

Editorial Submissions: Press Releases/News

Top Industry News, a companion newsletter to DCAT Value Chain Insights, is delivered by DCAT to its members each Friday and reports on the the news of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, contract service providers, and suppliers. The top news stories are selected by DCAT Editorial Staff based on the importance of that news to the industry as a whole.

DCAT welcomes press releases for editorial consideration; however, the decision to publish information from a press release for a news story in Top Industry News is made by DCAT’s Editorial Director. That decision is based on the importance of the news to the industry as a whole.

News of interest includes:

  • Significant mergers, acquisitions, and organizational changes of bio/pharmaceutical companies, contract service providers, and suppliers, and drug-development partnering among bio/pharmaceutical companies.
  • Expansion activity, such as increases in capacity for development and manufacturing facilities or new facilities

News Developments Outside Editorial Scope

  • Product or service announcements
  • Supply/development pacts of CDMOs/CMOs/Suppliers (unless involving an increase in capacity or other asset)
  • Facility inspection approvals
  • Drug discovery
  • Clinical progression of drug candidates
  • Health/medical news
  • Press releases announcing awards, company participation in trade shows/industry conferences, and general information on a company and its capabilities

Want to submit a press release for editorial consideration? Contact Patricia Van Arnum, DCAT’s Editorial Director, at, Tele: +1.609.208.1888 Ext 7014

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