AbbVie Partners in Viral Immunotherapies

AbbVie has agreed to license up to three oncolytic viral immunotherapies from Turnstone Biologics, a San Francisco, California-headquartered clinical-stage immuno-oncology company.

Turnstone Biologics engineered its oncolytic viral immunotherapy, Maraba, to function as both a selective tumor-destroying oncolytic virus and an immune-stimulating T cell vaccine. The Maraba platform directly attacks cancer cells and changes the tumor microenvironment to make the cancer susceptible to the targeted vaccine-induced immune response, according to AbbVie.

Under the agreement, AbbVie has an option to obtain all global development and commercialization rights to Turnstone Biologics’ Ad-MG1-MAGEA3 therapy, which is in two Phase I/II clinical trials for multiple solid tumor indications both alone and in combination with an approved anti-PD-1 checkpoint inhibitor as well as up to two research-stage candidates to be developed by Turnstone as part of the collaboration. In the event AbbVie exercises one or more of its options, AbbVie expects to pursue this immunotherapeutic technology across several types of solid tumors.

Source: AbbVie


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