Actavis to Expand Manufacturing Operations in Puerto Rico

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and Actavis plc have announced an approximately $48 million investment to improve and expand the company’s manufacturing operations in Puerto Rico.The new investment includes the development of a solid dosage manufacturing and packaging facility at Actavis’ site located in Manatí, a municipality on the northern region of the island, and an expansion of Actavis’ current hormone manufacturing and packaging center in Fajardo, a municipality on the eastern region of Puerto Rico. 

Actavis came to Puerto Rico after acquiring the operations of Warner Chilcott plc in 2013, and with this new investment, the company will reactivate manufacturing operations at the Manatí site. 

“The expansion of our manufacturing footprint in Manatí and Fajardo represents a significant investment in the future of our company, and underscores our commitment to building our presence in Puerto Rico,” said Robert Stewart, president, global operations for Actavis, in a press statement.  “With this expansion in place, we will be better positioned to manufacture and package both current and future products within a highly recognized pharmaceutical and life-science experience environment, ensuring their timely availability to consumers in Puerto Rico and around the world.”

Currently, Actavis’ operations in Puerto Rico include R&D activities, manufacturing operations, and packaging of hormonal and non-hormonal products. The proposed expansion is expected to be completed by 2016.

The Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) is promoting this expansion with the incentives provided to manufacturing operations in Puerto Rico under the Economic Incentives for the Development of Puerto Rico Act, including job creation and infrastructure incentives. 

Source: PRIDCO


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