Aesica, Bespak Partner for Integrated Service Offering

Aesica, a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), has launched a single-source supply chain solution for drug and delivery device development, formulation, manufacturing and packaging. This new business model has been brought to the market following Consort Medical's acquisition of Aesica. It adds value to the company's existing model in which Aesica takes on the management of other CDMOs while serving as the single, central point of customer contact.

Consort Medical has two operating subsidiaries Bespak and Aesica. Consort Medical has combined and integrated Aesica's drug formulation, manufacturing, and packaging capabilities with Bespak's delivery-device development and manufacturing services. The combined model now provides includes finished dose manufacturing, formulation development, active pharmaceutical ingredient development and manufacture for drugs, together with pilot to high volume manufacturing, prototype development and design for manufacture and concept generation for devices.

Aesica and Bespak have strong synergies and similarities across quality control, regulatory compliance, and manufacturing. This includes QP release and ISO certified Quality Management Systems, cGMP compliance and operating to FDA and MHRA standards of approval. Furthermore, both companies comply with environmental and health and safety standards. Aesica provides secure facilities that handle up to Schedule 2 controlled substances, together with a high containment suite capable of manufacturing products in the SafeBridge Category 3 potency level while Bespak is accredited with ISO 14001.

The Consort medical Group has facilities in King's Lynn, Cambridge, Nelson, Milton Keynes, Cramlington, Nottingham, Queenborough and Hemel Hempstead in the UK; in Monheim and Zwickau, Germany; in Pianezza, Italy.

Source: Aesica

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