Aesica Validates New High-Potency Manufacturing Facility

Aesica reports that its high-capacity manufacturing facility has been successfully validated for commercial production following a $45-million investment at its Queenborough, United Kingdom (UK) site. With the completion of this new facility, Aesica has expanded the commercial production of a solid dose medication used in treating Type 2 diabetes in adults. The solid dose product has global sales and is set for worldwide export.

The purpose-built facility is capable of producing in excess of 1 billion tablets per annum and was designed with future expansion in mind. It is expected the facility will more than double its current capacity to produce over 2.5 billion tablets per year on expansion. The facility provides a 10,000-square meter expansion to the company’s existing Queenborough site and has a dedicated workforce of 55 technicians, with future expansion plans increasing the staffing level to more than 100.

The new facility is equipped with spray granulators, coaters, tablet presses, powder-handling systems and large-capacity blenders.

Source: Aesica

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