Agilent Partners with Science Exchange

Agilent Technologies, a Santa Clara, California-headquartered service provider for life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets, has partnered with Science Exchange, a Palo Alto, California-headquartered enterprise platform for outsourced research and development services. The partnership will promote access to Agilent-enabled services to the research community.

Central to the partnership is the Agilent-Science Exchange portal that allows Agilent customers to search and request a quote for Agilent-enabled research services directly from Agilent’s website. Science Exchange’s ISO-9001 certified verification program is employed to qualify each listed provider, and the platform incorporates data-security infrastructure.

Agilent and Science Exchange will co-market the new portal beginning in February 2018 and will collaborate to analyze utilization trends of both service providers and Agilent products.

Source: Agilent Technologies

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