Agilent, Singapore’s A*STAR Partner in Glycan Analysis

Agilent Technologies Inc. and the Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI), a research institute of Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) have formed a collaboration to develop new analytical approaches for analyzing specific protein-linked sugar compounds.

The collaboration seeks to address a gap in analytical tests and standards applied for drugs based on glycoproteins. The collaboration seeks to improve current analytical methods for characterizing glycans, which may be time-consuming, difficult to deploy in commercial environments, and limited in their ability to detect and analyze minor glycan species.

The collaboration will further develop Agilent's AssayMAP Bravo platform, an automated solution for high-throughput protein sample preparation and purification. Using this platform along with a mass spectrometer, BTI's researchers will use their expertise in the production of therapeutic glycoproteins to develop optimized workflows and methods for the analysis of N- and O- linked glycans.

Source: A*STAR

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