Ajinomoto, Filament BioSolutions in Supply Pact

Filament BioSolutions, a New York-headquartered development-stage therapeutics company, has formed a collaboration with Ajinomoto Co., a Tokyo, Japan-based manufacturer of amino acids, to develop Filament’s lead product, FB-2710, an oral formulation of alanyl-glutamine for preventing radiation-induced oral mucositis in head and neck cancer patients.

FB-2710 is designed for optimal bioavailability and cellular uptake of glutamine, a nutrient and energy source for cells that regenerate the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.  During radiation and chemotherapy, glutamine may become conditionally deficient, leaving patients at risk of developing side effects such as oral mucositis, according to information from the company. Oral mucositis can lead to treatment dose reductions, local and systemic infections, compromised nutrition, and hospitalization. In addition to radiation-induced oral mucositis, Filament plans to conduct preclinical and clinical work with FB-2710 as a co-therapy to commonly prescribed chemotherapies, as well as certain targeted agents

Source: Filament BioSolutions

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