Alcami Adds New Customer Portal and Mobile App

Part of the special news roundup of DCAT member companies for the DCAT Week ’17 Special Edition of DCAT Value Chain Insights (April 5, 2017)

Alcami, a provider of custom development and manufacturing services, has added a customer portal and mobile application called Alcami OnDemand. The initial phase of this rollout will concentrate on the sample submission process within the company’s analytical testing offering.

The new customer portal allows access and visualization into ongoing projects and will serve as a source for customer project and order management with shared views to manage orders, libraries of compounds, test results, and accounting information. The system also provides user prompts based on real-time project data and provides access to historical order information and reporting data as well as snapshot views of project status with real-time updates.

The customer portal will launch first in April 2017 with beta testing for submission of samples by a selected group of existing analytical testing customers. Launch of the application to new customers will take place in June 2017. Alcami plans to expand the application across its active pharmaceutical ingredient and drug product manufacturing and development services platforms throughout 2017 and 2018. Further information will be provided once the initial beta program is underway.

Source: Alcami

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