Allergan Announces $5.0-Million Settlement with Two Ohio Counties in Opioid Litigation

Allergan and its US subsidiaries have reached a $5.0-million settlement with Summit and Cuyahoga Counties in Ohio relating to pending opioid litigation. The company was scheduled for a trial in October 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio in federal opioid multidistrict litigation. Under the agreement, Allergan will pay $1.9 million to Summit County and $3.1 million to Cuyahoga County.

Allergan says the settlement resolves all claims against the company in connection with the upcoming October 2019 Cleveland trial. “The Company believes that settling with these plaintiffs is in its interest in light of anticipated time and defense costs for this first multi-defendant bellwether trial in the federal multidistrict litigation,” said the company in an August 30, 2019 statement.

Allergan says the company is seeking indemnification from other parties relating to one of its products involved in the litigation. “Allergan does not have liability for generic claims,” said the company in its statement. “All generic assets were sold to Teva in 2016.” Allergan sold its generics business to Teva Pharmaceutical Industries for $40.5 billion in 2016. Allergan says it has not actively marketed or promoted any opioid products since 2013.

Source: Allergan

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