Allergan Completes $2.9-Billion Acquisition of Regenerative Meds Company

Allergan has successfully completed the acquisition of LifeCell Corporation, the regenerative medicines business of Acelity, a San Antonio, Texas-headquartered wound care and regenerative medicines company, for approximately $2.9 billion in cash. Allergan announced the acquisition in December 2016.

With the acquisition, Allergan gains LifeCell’s portfolio of dermal matrix products, which will be combined with Allergan’s portfolio of medical aesthetic products, breast implants, and tissue expanders. The LifeCell commercial portfolio includes acellular dermal matrices, commonly used in breast reconstruction procedures and complex hernia surgeries. Key products include Alloderm, a human allograft tissue matrix used in breast reconstruction post-masectomy, and Revolve, a single use high-volume fat grafting device used in plastic and reconstructive procedures. Additionally, LifeCell markets Strattice, a porcine-based tissue matrix used in complex abdominal wall repair and for the surgical repair of damaged or ruptured soft tissue.

In addition to commercial products, Allergan has also acquired LifeCell’s manufacturing capabilities and its research and development operations based in New Jersey.

Source: Allergan 

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