Almac Acquires Arran Chemical

Almac, a contract development and manufacturing organization, has acquired Arran Chemical Company, an independent and privately owned organization based in Athlone, Ireland. Located in County Roscommon, near Almac Group's headquarters, the existing Arran Chemical Company specializes in the manufacture of products for the pharmaceutical, flavor/fragrance, personal care and other specialized chemical and industrial applications. The companies have been working on multiple projects over the past five years.

The addition of Arran Chemical Company adds capacity (a range of reactors up to 6,300 liters and total capacity of up to 45 cubic meters); the new combined business will integrate biocatalysis technology with large scale-intermediates manufacture. Arran’s facility offers a full range of scales including a kilogram laboratory, a multi-purpose pilot plant, and a manufacturing plant.

Source: Almac

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