Almac Expands UK Commerical Packaging Facility

Almac has expanded its UK commercial packaging facility to provide a humidity-controlled blister packaging suite, complete with off-line “just-in-time” blister printing.

Meeting the requirements of two Japanese clients, the expansion included suite modifications for processing humidity-sensitive drug products and installation of a new Noack 623 blister line, a custom-designed desiccant feeder, and an off-line Hapa Blister-Jet printer. The Noack blister line provides enhanced flexibility for processing larger blister sizes and multi-product blister formats; it can be configured to process both thermoform and coldform materials, with maximum blister sizes of 220 mm x 155 mm. This line facilitated the integration of a desiccant feeder that cuts, picks and places reel-fed desiccant wafers into blister pockets. The off-line Hapa Blister-Jet augments just-in-time production. By printing country-specific artwork and variable data on each individual blister pocket, it enhances flexibility and reduces stock holding.

Source: Almac

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