Almac To Invest in Analytical Capabilities for Impurity Testing

Almac Group, a Craigavon, UK-based contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and drug products, plans to invest £375,000 ($496,000) in additional nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instrumentation at its UK headquarters.

As part of Almac Sciences’ cGMP facility, NMR services will be offered to support drug-substance and drug-product development programs from early-phase to commercialization. These services include advanced characterization and purity assessment abilities in line with regulatory requirements. This investment supports the existing Almac NMR testing service already available.

The new 500MHz NMR instrument setup at Almac incorporates Bruker’s Avance Neo platform, an NMR research platform, in addition to a Prodigy Cryoprobe, a product to boost NMR spectrometer sensitivity. The capability to analyze nuclei from 15N to 31P, in addition to a range of 2D and quantitative NMR experiments, allows Almac to increase its NMR service offering.

Source: Almac Group

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