American Airlines Cargo to Add New Pharma Handling Facility in Philadelphia

American Airlines Cargo has started construction of a dedicated pharmaceutical handling facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The new 25,000 square-foot facility is designed for a full range of temperature-sensitive products being shipped in and out of the Northeast pharmaceutical corridor of the United States.

Included within the new building will be 6,000 square feet for controlled room temperature (CRT) passive shipments at +15 °C and +25°C. In addition a 3,000-square foot refrigerated area will be available for shipments that need to be maintained in a +2 °C to +8°C environment. A deep frozen area will cater to shipments needing to be kept at -10 °C to -20 °C, and also a zoned active container area with powered charging stations with space for up to 30 electronically controlled units. The facility is expected to be completed in the fall and will be equipped with advanced technology for monitoring products with proactive alarming and will be validated to 0.25 °C. There will also be full back up power generation to ensure product protection in the event of a power failure.

The opening of the Philadelphia pharmaceutical facility will coincide with the roll-out of a full ExpediteTC cold-chain program across the new American network.

Source: American Airlines Cargo

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